I'm Robyn Hartt - an enthusiastic, highly collaborative Creative/Art Director. I am passionate about design and the art of typography. I view each new design project as a puzzle, taking all of the design elements - images, color and copy - and making them into something interesting, exciting...magical. Every project is unique, every design its own story.

I am dedicated to generating original and innovative ideas and taking projects from concept to completion. My expertise comes from working for 15+ years with some top notch agencies and clients. Additionally, I am experienced in overseeing all aspects of print production to make sure jobs are delivered on time - with accuracy and attention to detail being the cornerstone of my success.

I am always open to new ideas and to sharing knowledge and look forward to using these skills to help grow your brand. As the world around us changes, your marketing and advertising should evolve so that it entices and motivates your audience. I can help you understand the significance of Social Media Marketing and how it can build your business along with traditional advertising.